Are you visited by the Switch Witch?

We were introduced to the concept of the “Switch Witch” a few years ago, and it’s been life-changing… or rather Halloween-changing. The story of the Switch Witch can be adapted to fit your family, but the gist of it is that a kind witch visits the children while they sleep and changes their bag of candy into a toy/book/craft. We’ve allowed our son to keep a few pieces of candy (around 10 or so), and the rest goes into the bag for the Switch Witch, who leaves behind a little LEGO set (LEGO actually has a cute Halloween set that works wonderfully for this). He’s thrilled that he has a new LEGO set, and we’re happy he’s not consuming an entire bag of candy (I assume the teachers enjoy having a fewer kids running around on a sugar high as well).

Now, what you do with this massive bag of candy is up to you, just don’t let the kids catch you with it!

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