A Neighbourhood Renewal Update

On March 21st the City of Edmonton held a workshop for the Strathcona neighbourhood renewal. This was different from the information sessions that the city often runs, as it was a hands-on workshop with various members of the city departments. We looked at the infrastructure of the neighbourhood (sidewalks, roads, bike paths), parks, green spaces, playgrounds, as well as talked about what things we would like to see in the neighbourhood. The sky was the limit, and I found pretty much everyone was on the same page with the vision for how to improve the neighbourhood.

In terms of the school, the session was excellent. Attendees seemed to want our sidewalks larger, our road crossings safer, and our speeds lowered throughout the community. This is all good news for those of us who have children walking and biking to school.

This Thursday, April 19, the city will be presenting their plan for our renewal with a drop-in presentation from 5pm-8pm at the Strathcona Community League building (10139 87 Ave NW). Please drop in, take a look at the proposed plan, and provide feedback. Also, if you have specific questions about what’s planned, there will be lots of City of Edmonton staff there to answer questions (I expect we’ll also see Councillor Ben Henderson there for part of the time – he’s exceptional at showing up to these events).

You can find out more about the Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal at the City of Edmonton website.

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