Input Needed for Neighbourhood Renewal Safety Features

The Strathcona neighbourhood will be undergoing Neighbourhood Renewal in 2019, 2020 and 2021 (they’re breaking it up into 3 years, with each section taking roughly a year). Previously the city would come up and replace like-for-like; a sidewalk is replaced with an updated sidewalk, and a road is replaced with an updated road – they don’t make many changes.

Our neighbourhood will be a bit different, as residents in the area have been working with the city to improve the walkability, cycling infrastructure, and enhancements to make the area safer for all.

As a school we’ve been asked to provide input; are their areas around the school that feel unsafe, could be changed for safety, or could be changed to make it easier for students getting to and from school. If you cross 99 st, how do you find those crossings? How are the crossings directly around the school? What would you improve if you could change anything in the community?

WallMapWe have a large map of the area in the downstairs hallway, and you’re encouraged to write any ideas you have right on the map. There are also paper surveys that can be completed, or you can take the online survey. The map will be up until February 21, so there’s not much time left to contribute.

This is a very exciting, and important opportunity for us as a community to improve the safety around the school. Please take a few moments to contribute to the map, and fill out the survey online. The city says to allow 30 minutes for the survey, but I took it in less than 15.

A huge thanks to Rechel Amores, Conrad Nobert, and the committee for spearheading this exciting opportunity around the Neighbourhood Renewal of Strathcona.

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