Our Parent Advisory Council

King Edward Elementary Parent Advisory Council (KEEPAC)

KEEPAC meets on the 3rd Monday of the month in the Staff Lounge from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.   No meetings are held in December or June.

Our Mission:

  • to foster the well-being and effectiveness of our school community
  • to enhance student learning with a focus on arts enrichment

Our Role in the School:

  • support school planning and administration
  • promote the school
  • organize
    • activities for our children
    • school celebrations
    • extracurricular activities
    • special school programs
  • raise project specific funds


All parents & guardians of children attending King Edward Elementary School are members of KEEPAC.  Members may:

  • Seek the views, inform and involve the school community;
  • Help create an environment benefitting all students;
  • Maintain high ethical standards;
  • Gain a familiarity with school policies;
  • Attend monthly meetings of the Parent Advisory Council

KEEPAC Executive 2015-2016

  • President – Camilla N
  • Vice President – Heidi C
  • Treasurer – Anne H
  • Secretary – Amanda A

I want to support the school but can’t attend meetings.

There are always opportunities to support the school and its students beyond attending KEEPAC meetings.  Volunteers are needed for:

  • Supporting classroom and school events
  • Supervising field trips
  • Assisting in the library
  • Fundraising & school promotion
  • Maintaining the Naturescape
  • Updating bulletin boards
  • Casino

Contact your Room Rep about how you can help.  Email keepac1@gmail.com

KEEPS- King Edward Education Parent Society

KEEPS is the fundraising group for King Edward Elementary.  Due to school council guidelines, KEEPS is a separate entity from KEEPAC, though the executive volunteers remain the same.   KEEPS is responsible for the distribution of funds raised through our Casino fundraising.

 These funds are used to support various activities within the school:

  • Arts Enrichment
  • Running Club
  • Field Trips
  • Library Collection
  • Classroom Technology (including Chrome Books, Smart Boards, and iPads)
  • Teaching and Learning Aids


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